Reabilitação Rua das Praças Paviana Construções
Reabilitação Rua das Praças Paviana Construções
Reabilitação Rua das Praças Paviana Construções

Rua das Praças

Rehabilitation of a building located at Rua das Praças in Lapa, Lisbon, a historic area marked by its monuments and characteristic buildings of downtown Lisbon.

The project aims to unite and rehabilitate 3 buildings dating from the nineteenth century and modernize them, giving it a minimalist and modern look but maintaining the core aspects of the architecture of the time, thus making the union between the elegance of the old and the comfort of the contemporary.

From the building will be created 16 apartments of great variety, from spacious and impressive apartments to more welcoming and inviting apartments, ranging from T3 Duplex, Family T3 to varied T1. The interiors retain the unique elements, such as low ceilings adorned with designs from the classical period, bringing it into the 21st century through the rehabilitation of the architecture. Each apartment is the perfect junction between the beautiful and the comfortable.

The location of the building is a very captivating aspect, having as its reference points its proximity to Santos Station, Jardim da Estrela, the National Museum of Ancient Art and even the Tagus River itself. Thus being a point of interest for those curious in both Portuguese culture and the discovery of the city of Lisbon, as well as leisure and nightlife.


Ficha de Projeto

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