Paviana qualifies for R.U.-I.S


It is with great pride that we can announce that Paviana fulfills all the requirements imposed by the R.U.-I.S project (Intelligent and Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation), showing once again Paviana’s dedication and commitment in the rehabilitation projects of our cities:

According to the R.U.-I.S website, a qualified company officially has the following values:

Trust: The company is legally qualified to carry on the business and ensures compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Commitment: The company assumes compliance with a Code of Business Conduct and compliance with the R.U.-I.S Regulation.

Safety: The company has appropriate Accident Insurance, Occupational Health and Safety contracts.

Soundness: The company presents compliance with financial indicators and positions itself in the market in a perspective of continuity and responsiveness to its obligations.

Quality: The company adopts practices that promote the qualification of its human resources and sustainability, allowing them to offer the best and most innovative solutions for each case. ”

The R.U.-I.S is promoted by AICCOPN – Association of Industrial Construction and Public Works and has the support of NORTE2020.

This project has the following objectives:

“1) Strategic Management, Market Intelligence and Knowledge Transfer;

2) Qualification of Companies for Smart and Sustainable Urban Rehabilitation;

3) Innovation, differentiation, cooperation and use of new solutions in R.U.-I.S.

4) Promotion, dissemination and dissemination of results. ”

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