Rehabilitation Orpheu XI from Paviana in Espaços&Casas


Paviana was proud to participate in episode 535 of SIC Notícias’ Espaços&Casas on July 13, 2019 with its new rehabilitation to Orpheu XI.

This is another work of high status and difficulty in an area of ​​great historical value completed with excellence by Paviana Construções, Lda. This time in Baixa-Chiado (Rua António Maria Cardoso) in Lisbon. The complete rehabilitation of the façade and building, preserving the characteristic elements of local architecture and interiors, bring new life to these apartments in the heart of Lisbon.

See more about this magnificent rehabilitation in this excerpt from Espaços&Casas:

In the images below you can see the preservation work of the interior of the building that was seen in the video. It is possible to observe the maintenance of the painting that was in one of the walls:

See more about the work here:

Orpheu XI

For more information, also visit the Orpheu XI website:

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