Travessa do Açougue

Rita Antunes
Graça, Lisbon

Integral Rehabilitation of Building in Travessa do Açougue, with preservation of the facade and reconstruction of housing building in the Graça area in Lisbon.

It is a villa with a mixed structure of iron and wood and some stone walls and arches have been rehabilitated and in sight, because it is a building with historical value.

We share a little history of the building, which reflects Paviana’s passion for this type of work:

“The property is located in Travessa do Açougue, numbers 2, 2a, 4, 4a and 4b, in the parish of São Vicente de Fora, district, municipality and city of Lisbon, in Level II Zone of archaeological sensitivity of the PDM of Lisbon, in the São Jorge Castle Special Protection Zone and remains of Lisbon fences, classified as a National Monument by Decree of 16/06/1910, DG, 1st Series, No. 136 of June 23, 1910.

The fact that the building is located in the area where the Church of Santo André once stood. The oldest references to the Church of Santo André, located in the old Largo de Santo André, go back to the first third of the century. XIII (1209 or 1229), and are also referred to in the Inquiries of King Afonso  III (1248 to 1274). It was made headquarters of the Parish of Santo André in 1286 after donation by D. Diniz of the Padroado Real (Pereira, 1927).

The church collapsed almost completely with the 1755 earthquake, and underwent reconstruction works that ended in 1779. After the extinction of religious orders, the parish of Santo André was annexed to that of Santa Marinha, and in 1835 both moved to the church of former Graça Convent. The land of the church was eventually ceded to the Lisbon City Council in 1843, on 23 November, and the church was demolished during that century. ”


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